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  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Department of History and Philosophy of Science 

  • MA, Philosophy, Tufts University

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Harvard University

  • B.Sc., Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley



General Philosophy of Science, Theories of Scientific Change, Science and Technology Studies  


Bioethics, Logic, Philosophy of Social Science, History of Philosophy of Science, History of Science (especially chemistry and the Scientific Revolution), Marx and Marxism


(In press) Discoverer and methodologist: Alfred O. C. Nier and the Instrumental Revolution in geochemistry [download]

(2023) Whose labor? Labor, appropriation and the very idea of full automation. Science & Society. [download]

(2020). On "the Application of Science to Science Itself:" Chemistry, Instruments and the Scientific Labor Process. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 79, 41-56. [download]


(2020). Science, labor and scientific progress. University of Pittsburgh.  [download]

(2019). Discovery and Instrumentation: How surplus knowledge contributes to progress in science. Perspectives on Science, 27(6), 861-890. [download]


What Makes the Historical Sciences Tick? Geochronology and the Ontology of the Historical Sciences. Integrated HPS Workshop, July 2023, Durham UK. [download]

Discoverer and Methodologist: Alfred O. C. Nier and the Instrumental Revolution in Geochemistry, 1935-1948. History of Science Society, Chicago, November 2022 [download]

Discovery and instrumentation: how surplus knowledge contributes to progress in science, Edmonton, May 2021 [download]

Science, labor and scientific progress. Société de philosophie des sciences, Nantes, July 2018 [download]

Accentuating the Positive: Observation and Measurement in Kepler’s Optics. Measurement at the Crossroads, Paris, June 2018 [download]


What makes the historical sciences tick? Geochronology and the ontology of scientific methods (draft) [download]



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